All Recipes Stuffed Peppers For Two

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All Recipes Stuffed Peppers For Two. Parboil the peppers in the pot 4 to 5 minutes. Place in an ungreased 1 1 2 qt.

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My dh has been asking for stuffed peppers for over a year. Spoon meat mixture into peppers. In a bowl combine beef 1 4 cup tomato sauce rice 2 tablespoons cheese onion worcestershire sauce salt pepper and egg.

Green bell peppers are filled with ground beef cooked rice tomato sauce and seasonings then baked for an hour with additional tomato sauce and italian style seasoning.

Quite delicious and definitely kid friendly says buckwheat queen. Cover with remaining 1 2 cup spaghetti sauce. Place stuffed peppers into the dish. Spoon sauce from bottom of dish over peppers just before serving.

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