Best Buttermilk Quick Bread Recipe

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Best Buttermilk Quick Bread Recipe. I am an eternal fan of quick breads. Add buttermilk butter honey salt baking soda wheat germ and 4 cups flour.

Buttermilk Quick Bread Recipe Quick Bread Bread Fresh Bread
Buttermilk Quick Bread Recipe Quick Bread Bread Fresh Bread from

Many quick bread recipes are sweet like cinnamon sugar so you don t want the flavor of the yeast. This quick and easy buttermilk bread recipe is shockingly easy to make and the whole thing can be done in an afternoon. When else do we get to essentially dump ingredients in a bowl stir bake and then be rewarded for our minimal efforts with a warm golden loaf of bread for the table.

This easy recipe uses a combination of all purpose and whole wheat flours along with dried currants.

The best part is that you don t even have to own a bread machine or a bread maker to make this easy bread recipe. Despite being a quick bread this buttermilk quick bread recipe still utilizes yeast. This recipe was a bit different than most quick bread i make as it doesn t have a specific flavor profile. Since this buttermilk quick bread is savory the yeast provides the expected fresh baked bread.

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