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Condensed Milk Recipes Tablet. Tablet is the firmer crumblier scottish cousin of fudge. It still needs lots of attention to make sure it doesn t catch on the bottom of the pan you won t be multitasking while you make this one.

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Embedded in scottish culture since the early 18th century this candy was originally made with sugar and cream but more modern recipes like ours add butter and condensed milk. Tablet is a traditional scottish sweet or candy made from sugar condensed milk and butter. Tip in the sugar and dissolve stirring often.

1 14oz can condensed milk not evaporated milk 1 small 1 fl oz bottle natural vanilla extract.

With a high sugar content and rich condensed milk it may not be one for the health conscious but then neither is the deep fried mars bar. Please use whole milk don t try using skimmed or semi skimmed. Start testing at this point. Tablet is easy to make as long as you follow the instructions closely and handle the hot sugar mixture carefully.

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