Cooking Sweetened Condensed Milk In Can

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Cooking Sweetened Condensed Milk In Can. I use sweetened condensed milk a lot in my baking. Remove the label from a sweetened condensed milk can and place it in the center of a pan.

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What is condensed milk. It s important to note sweetened condensed milk is synonymous with the term condensed milk. Cook for 30 minutes.

Let the can sit for 2 hours to make a light sauce or 3 hours to make a thick sauce and be sure to check on the can every 30 minutes to prevent scorching.

If that s the case you ll want to try any of these 6 options that work for various dishes. Evaporated milk on the other hand skips the sugar and just heats milk until 60 perce. Stir over low heat for 15 minutes or until creamy. Condensed milk is traditionally cow s milk that has much of the water content boiled away and then sugar added.

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