Dulce De Leche From Condensed Milk Recipe

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Dulce De Leche From Condensed Milk Recipe. How to make dulce de leche with condensed milk. Pretty much the same slowcooker method but the sweetened condensed milk is transferred to jars so that the color can be monitored as it darkens.

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You ll want to use a full fat can of sweetened condensed milk for the best dulce de leche. To make dulce de leche start by pouring a can of sweetened condensed milk into a microwave safe bowl. Traditional dulce de leche sauce is made with milk sugar and baking soda.

2 cover baking dish with foil.

Since the mixture needs to be heated slowly and evenly for a long period of time most people use a water bath to bring the milk to temperature. Then remove the bowl from the microwave and stir the condensed milk with a whisk. An easy dulce de leche cooked condensed milk recipe with only 1 ingredient. Next place the bowl in the microwave and heat it on medium power for 2 minutes.

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