Evaporated Milk Dulce De Leche

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Evaporated Milk Dulce De Leche. Dulce de leche is a creamy caramel sauce that s traditionally made by simmering a pot of milk and sugar stirring as you go for seven hours. If you want to add a delicious sweet flavor to your desserts it s easy to make your own dulce de leche at home.

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Recipes vary by region but it basically involves boiling milk and sugar until the mixture turns into a thick golden caramel sauce. Having said the above the recipe for making lowest possible sugar condensed milk is evaporated milk which still contains all of the lactose so that s still sweet as well but not overpoweringly so like condensed milk. This sweet caramelized milk dulce de leche recipe uses condensed milk to make a full fantasy of flavor.

Milk contains lactose naturally so there will always be a minimum amount of sugar that any condensed milk will contain.

Simmer a closed can of sweetened condensed milk in a pot of water for two to three hours i should know because i ve tested just about every method i ve come across. Make it taste it and enjoy this wonder. Dulce de leche pronounced dool se de le che meaning candy of milk is a rich syrup similar in flavor to caramel it is a common ingredient in south american desserts. If evaporated milk is not sweet enough to your.

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