Japanese Curry Recipe Coco Ichibanya

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Japanese Curry Recipe Coco Ichibanya. Many people know this recipe by other names including japanese chicken curry or coco curry japan. Coconut milk unsweetened and 1 tbs of better than bouillon chicken or beef in place of stock coco s uses beef add 1 tsp worcestershire sauce and 1 tbs curry roux with the liquids.

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First use the store bought japanese curry cubes for cooking and secondly making the roux from scratch but it takes a longer time. It however differs in its method of preparation and the use of ichibanya blend to spice the curry. The recipe is as follows.

When i realized how easy it was to make i had to share.

It is so simple and so delicious. Coco ichibanya curry is basically derived from the coco curry recipe shared above. 4 5 slices of bacon chopped into bits. The recipe is as follows.

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