Pistachio Ice Cream Recipe Condensed Milk

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Pistachio Ice Cream Recipe Condensed Milk. Pistachios of course a good dose of pistachios for pistachio ice cream i like to add the nuts in two ways. Fill in an airtight container and freeze for 6 8 hours or preferably overnight.

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In this recipe whipped cream and sweetened condensed milk is combined with pistachio butter and vanilla for a simple delicious ice cream. This recipe uses the classic no churn ice cream base of condensed milk and whipped cream but adds elements like a caramelised nutty pistachio praline and a sweet strawberry jam. But if you are looking for that authentic melt in your mouth taste then add milk powder to this combo and you will end up with a rich creamy and velvety ice cream flavor.

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Fold in the chopped pistachio nuts then pour into a freezer proof container and cover. The base is pretty straightforward heavy cream condensed milk flavor of your choice creates the most luscious and delicious ice cream. Prep time 10 minutes additional time 12 hours. I added about 1 2 cup of pistachios.

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