Recipe For Coconut Cream Pie Using Sweetened Condensed Milk

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Recipe For Coconut Cream Pie Using Sweetened Condensed Milk. It might seem old fashioned but sweetened condensed milk recipes are the secret to creamy sweet desserts. Eggs cornstarch milk sweetened condensed milk butter grated coconut refreshing key lime pie with condensed milk my gorgeous recipes butter icing sugar condensed milk egg yolks whipped cream and 2 more.

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This recipe calls for using coconut milk in the coconut custard. If you love pies with flaky crusts thick and creamy fillings and a fluffy whipped cream topping then this easy coconut cream pie is just for you. I ve made a chocolate coconut cream pudding pie in the past but the chocolate made that pretty different and he s tried this millionaire pie piña colada pie which has a lot of coconut in it so that s a few at least.

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It s similar to my banana cream pie recipe but uses coconut milk and dried coconut in the pastry cream filling to give it a refreshing burst of coconut flavor. Also eliminated the flour and used 1 3 cup corn starch. This pantry staple adds delicious flavor and texture to pies fudge bars and more. I used 1 1 2 cups coconut milk makes all the difference and 1 1 2 cups heavy cream i didn t have half n half.

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