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Recipes With Condensed Milk Indian Sweet. A can of sweetened condensed milk is a wonderful thing to have. I remember my mum used sugar instead of condensed milk however i prefer the richness the condensed milk adds to the rice pudding.

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Others use it to make the process faster. The best indian desserts with condensed milk recipes on yummly condensed milk biscuits condensed milk mousse almond pie with condensed milk. Condensed milk yoghurt tart mood meals.

All purpose flour sea salt vanilla large eggs condensed milk and 3 more.

It is very luscious and rich due to the fact that most of the water content from it is removed. Use it to create perfect pies and puddings you absolutely must try chef john s pumpkin pie this holiday season and classic banana pudding is always a good idea deliciously moist cakes there are four types of milk in this tres leches cake and this strawberry cheesecake is ideal for special occasions and irresistible cookies. Condensed milk pound cake sweet as sugar cookies. 465 recipes using condensed milk indian condenses milk recipes condensed milk is made by concentrating the milk till it reaches a thick consistency it can be unsweetened or sweetened but in today s world condensed milk is equated with the sweetened variety.

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