Instant Peda Recipe Without Condensed Milk

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Instant Peda Recipe Without Condensed Milk. Milk powder peda is semi thick and semi soft in texture. In this recipe i am showing you how to make milk peda recipe at home using only 3 ingredients without condensed milk.

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It is made using milk powder. Peda or pedhe are like soft milk fudge which has a slight grainy texture. Peda recipe 2 ways to make instant peda in 15 mins.

Then it is sweetened and flavored.

However the word peda is synonymous with traditional indian milk fudge sweet. Sometimes to cut short the process condensed milk is added. Condensed milk is cooked together with little lemon juice and milk powder till it thickens. This peda recipe is super easy and quick to make which is why i call it an instant peda recipe.

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