Recipe For Stuffed Bell Peppers With Hamburger And Rice

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Recipe For Stuffed Bell Peppers With Hamburger And Rice. With the classic combination of ground beef and rice veggies and melted cheese on top they are more filling than you might expect. In a separate pot put water bring to boil add rice cook until rice is soft.

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Elaine carpenter horseshoe bay texas. It s a complete meal wrapped in a sweet bell pepper. Use red green orange or yellow bell peppers or a combo of colors to make these beautiful bells stuffed with savory ground beef and rice.

Now that i m an adult it s one of my go to recipes whenever i need something quick easy and delicious.

The best type of peppers for stuffing today s selection of peppers comes from a mix of grocery store varieties red yellow and orange and ultra local farmer s market more yellows and purple for a rainbow of sweetness. For a nice surprise tuck a cube of cheese in the bottom of the bell pepper before adding the meat and rice mixture. In the last 5 minutes add any remaining cheese to the top of the peppers. Made with tomatoes rice and ground beef it s sure to be a family favorite.

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